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Labor Market Requests

To make a Labor Market Information Request simply reach out by phone, email or utilize the "contact us" form provided in the top navigation menu.

Some of our more frequent requests include:

  • Career Guides
  • Career Posters
  • County Profiles
  • High Priority Occupations
  • Occupational Wages
  • Top 50 Employers & Industries
  • Unemployment Statistics
  • Commuting Patterns
  • Labor Force Statistics
  • Industry Snapshots
  • Economic Overviews
  • Job Posting Data
  • Skill Gaps
  • Employment Change
  • Demographic Information
  • Housing Data
  • Income Data
  • Education Data
  • Make Your Own Request

Let us help you make informed decisions on your next project.
Most responses are answered within 48 hours – however some requests require additional time.