TAT Technologies - Sintering Class

When: October 24, 2023 @ 8:00 AM


TAT Technologies’ powdered metal training courses are coming again this Fall. Beginning October 17, these courses use an equal combination of lectures and hands-on experiments where students simulate actual production under various conditions using a real sintering furnace and real green PM parts. Our courses were designed by a PM expert with decades of experience, and the best practices taught are beneficial for new employees, sintering supervisors, quality engineers, plant managers and industry veterans - everyone!

Preparation for Better SinteringOctober 24 - 27(Tue-Fri), 8am-5pm each day

Sintering for Increased ThroughputOct. 30 - Nov. 2(Mon-Thu), 8am-5pm

Please note that attending Preparation for Better Sintering is a prerequisite for attending Sintering for Increased Throughput.

In addition to what you can read about the courses on our website, we have recently begun sharing PM-related informational articles there as well. Many of the topics are covered in detail in the courses.

We offer several discount periods for our courses, and the earlier you sign up, the better your price will be! Please review them below:

Discount Breakdown

Displayed by discount name, cost of one course, cost of both*, then discount end date.

Earliest Bird



Ends 9/29/23

Very Early Bird



Ends 10/6/23

Early Bird



Ends 10/13/23

Full Rate



Ends 10/20/23

*Includes a 300-dollar discount if you sign up for BOTH courses at the same time. Payments are due at the time of registration. Please be aware that no refunds will be offered in the event of cancellations, but a cancelled student’s seat may be substituted with a person from the same plant.


Also keep in mind that you can potentially save more by reaching out to organizations like Pennsylvania’s WEDnetPA, a state program that reimburses companies up to $2000 per employee sent to approved training. Those outside Pennsylvania should refer to their own region’s similar programs.

If you want to register or have any questions about the classes or our discounts, please contact me directly. If you are in Pennsylvania, please contact Deb Delhunty at 814-773-3162 ext. 3009 to learn more about WEDnetPA. 

Best Regards,

Kyle Pond

IT Marketing Manager

TAT Technologies

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