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SkillUp™ PA was launched to provide access to free, online job skills training to Pennsylvania residents. Courses are available through a platform called Metrix Learning and can be accessed by registering for a free account on the PA CareerLink® website. SkillUp™ PA was designed to help the Commonwealth build a workforce ecosystem that supports positive economic growth.

SkillUp™ is a flexible, self-directed, web-based e-learning service that offers online courses to allow job seekers to manage their own online training program and improve their marketability to prospective employers. It is interactive, features multiple modes of learning such as audio, video, closed- captioning, lectures, simulations, games and quizzes. It is available across all devices and offers 24-hour tech support Monday through Friday.

SkillUp™ North Central Pennsylvania is a companion portal offered in partnership to employers as a training tool for new hires and current employees. Access through allows employers to offer industry specific customized training packages at no cost to them or those they enroll. There are many other benefits to employers such as Candidate Screening, New Hire Assessments, and access to Progress Reports.

SkillUp™ PA and SkillUp™ North Central PA both offer an extensive catalog of over 6,000 world- class courses, which include Business Etiquette, Information Technologies, Manufacturing, Safety, Healthcare, Project Management, Leadership, Microsoft Office, Finance, and many other in-demand skills.

Over 130 Industry-Recognized Certification Trainings are also available through SkillUp™ PA, preparing the user for certification tests like Cisco, Oracle, CompTIA, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, Amazon and many more. The cost of the Certification Test is not covered through SkillUp™ PA but funding may be available through your PA CareerLink® or by calling Workforce Solutions at (814) 245-1835.

Enrollment Steps

Enrollment Steps For Job Seekers or Students

  1. Register as a New User on the PA CareerLink® website.
  2. After you create an account, click on the banner on your CareerLink® account page: “Access SkillUp™ Pennsylvania, PA CareerLink®’s online learning tool.
  3. Click “continue” on the Disclaimer pop-up to proceed to the Metrix Learning Portal.
  4. Create a new password.
  5. An email will be sent to you with a link to the Metrix Learning Portal and user credentials for future reference.
  6. Explore the Metrix Learning Portal and identify what courses or pathways you want to complete to expand your job skills.

Enrollment Steps for Employers

If you are an Employer interested in partnering with Workforce Solutions for North Central PA to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, contact Workforce Solutions at (814) 245-1835.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this program?

It provides access to free online courses through SkillUp™ PA and PA CareerLink®. The training courses are provided through the Metrix Learning Portal after becoming a registered user on the PA CareerLink® Website. The program was created to help Pennsylvania residents strengthen their job skills to be competitive in the current employment market.

Why should I enroll?

SkillUp™ is a flexible, self-directed, web-based e-learning service that offers online courses to allow job seekers to manage their own online training program and improve their marketability to prospective employers.

Why E-Learning?

  • Free with no additional cost
  • Accessible 24/7 from any location with high speed internet access
  • Flexible to match your skill level and learning pace

SkillUp™ PA delivers a convenient course experience.

  • Career Pathways
  • Training recommendations
  • Badges and certificates of completion
  • Accessible 24/7 from any computer with internet

What is Metrix Learning?

The SkillUp™ PA program is delivered through the Metrix Learning platform. It is designed to help you evaluate your skills, get training, and search for jobs.

How do I enroll?

Follow the Enrollment Steps listed on this page. The first step to enrollment is to register as a new user on the PA Careerlink® Website.

What kind of courses or pathways are available?

Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, IT, and other business courses. Curriculum to obtain industry recognized credentials in CompTIA, Cybersecurity, Project Management, HR, Microsoft Office Specialist, and more.

How long can I access my SkillUp™ PA courses?

A license grants you access to e-learning for 180 days. This access starts from the time you create your log-in. At the end of your license period, your account data is preserved, but you will not be able to launch courses.  However, your license is easily renewed, and your progress carried over, by simply requesting an extension.

How many times can I take a course?

You can take any course as many times as you wish. However, if you already completed a course, re-taking it will reset your score.

Do I have to complete an activity in one sitting?

No, you will be able to bookmark your place in a course and return to it at another time.

If you have other questions, please contact us at

Supported By

This initiative is being led by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry and PA Careerlink®. Governor Tom Wolf has supported the SkillUp™ PA initiative by allocating Pennsylvania state tax dollars to spearhead the implementation of this online learning portal. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry was competitively awarded federal tax dollars through the United States Department of Labor – Employment and Training Administration CAREER National Dislocated Worker Grant (NDWG) totaling $3 million. The CAREER NDWG is entirely federally funded, and 100% of these funds will be utilized to purchase licenses and further implement the SkillUp™ PA initiative over a multi-year period.